Cologne: situation is dramatic: as in Cologne, rents are exploding

Cologne –

The situation on the housing market in Cologne is deteriorating. If you are looking for an apartment, you must be prepared to spend a lot more money than a few years ago.

Increase of 30 percent rental rates in Cologne

According to a new study of the internet portal "", rents have risen by 30 percent in Cologne within ten years. If a home-seeker had to expect 8.20 euros per square meter in 2008, that is 10.70 euros today.

These are the average values ​​calculated by "immowelt" based on thousands of advertised offers.

It is worse in Berlin

In other cities it got even fatter: the leader is Berlin with a plus of 104 percent. But this has to do with the fact that the rent level in the capital ten years ago was a bargain of 5.60 euros per square meter.

Berlin is now 11.40 euros. Munich (plus 61% to 17.90 euros), Hamburg (plus 49% to 11.90 euros) and Frankfurt am Main (plus 42% to 13.80 euros) show the rapid rise in prices.

It ends in Ehrenfeld

More and more people are being attracted by big cities and young people to the trendy neighborhood & # 39 ;. The "Immobilienforschungsinstitut F + B" has investigated the scene districts "Spiegel Online". And stipulates that rents in Ehrenfeld have risen by 40 percent in ten years.

In the meantime, there are just under 12 euros available. Years ago Ehrenfeld was "stormed" by students, creatives and newcomers like former workers' quarters with low rents.

Szeneveedel only for the rich?

This leads to gentrification and rents, which increase more than the average of the city, so F + B. If this continues, experts fear that the trendy district will become an expensive neighborhood that only the upper middle class can afford. Then the charm of the neighborhood would have disappeared.

What experiences did you have?

What experiences did you have during the search for accommodation in Cologne? What do you have to report about rising rents?

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