Coming demonstrations for the weekend

Chemnitz- On Saturday, several meetings will be reported in the city center.

From 10.30 am you will meet peace groups in the Red Tower. From there the demonstration route includes the Road of Nations, Brückenstraße, Am Wall and ends at the Red Tower. In the parking lot of the Johanniskirche, the stationary demonstration takes place from 3 pm to 8 pm under the motto "heart instead of hatred".

From 16:00 to 17:30 there is a demonstration marathon of Pro Chemnitz. This starts with the Karl-Marx-Kopf and continues over the Theaterstraße, the Bahnhofsstraße and the Brückenstraße.

From 17.00 to 19.00 the demonstration of the AfD Landesverband Sachsen begins with the start in the office at Theaterstraße 15. The route takes you over Brückenstraße, Bahnhofsstraße, Falkeplatz and back to Theaterstraße.

Also on Sunday there is a meeting by a private person under the motto: "Citizens of Chemnitz make a democratic stamp against violence and xenophobia". The demonstration takes place at 14.00 on the Neumarkt Chemnitz.

In addition, a meeting of the Evangelical Lutheran church Chemnitz takes place from 16.00 to 18.00 on the Neumarkt. During the planned demonstrations there will be several road closures.

Here are the detailed barriers:

From Saturday 6 am the parking lot at the Johanneskirche and the Arndtplatz is closed.

Moreover, there are no parking bans at the Promenadenstrasse, at the Augustusburger Strasse between the Zieschenstrasse and the Bahnhofsstrasse and at the Theresenstrasse.

From 8 am on the Brückenstraße and Theaterstraße no parking.

At Zschopauer and Bahnhofsstraße the lanes are limited to 11 hours.

The complete closures will then start at 12 am on the Theaterstraße between Falkeplatz and Mühlenstraße and Brückenstraße between Theaterstraße and Straße der Nationen.

The roads are then released by the police.

Author: Nico Adam

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