Comments on the "Burkini dispute"

After the dispute about the wearing of a Burkinis in the Hockenheim "Aquadrom", the city has now described its position – and the lifeguard in protection.

In the past week it came in the water park "Aquadrom" in Hockenheim (Rhein-Neckar-Kreis) for the dispute between a lifeguard and a woman in Burkini. Presumably the lifeguard did not want to leave her in the water. At the end of the argument he eventually led her to the swimming pool. A Burkini is a swimsuit in the entire body.

Now the city has commented on the accusations. Wearing a Burkini, according to a spokesperson for the city, is permitted in the "Aquadrom". It is based on the specification of the German association for bathing. Accordingly, the lifeguard had approached the woman, because Burkini's coat was undoubtedly not recognizable. This opinion was shared by another lifeguard and several cashiers. That is why the swimmaster's requirement was justified.

Woman felt discriminated against

Woman in Burkini (photo: photo-alliance / dpa, Rolf Haid)

A lifeguard and a Burkini carrier are in dispute in Hockenheim "Aquadrom" (icon image)

Rolf Haid

The affected woman was treated inappropriately by his own permission by the lifeguard. She told the SWR that her swimsuits were clearly a Burkini – and that she could prove it. She also asked at the cash register and got green light to swim from there. There was a long and loud discussion in the course of which she was exposed. The swimming champion has them with the words "So not!" shouted; she found that discriminatory. Finally she followed the call of the lifeguard and walked out of the bathroom.

Come in conversation

A spokesperson for the city of Hockenheim explained in this connection that the woman had not been ejected by the lifeguard, but had voluntarily left – that would have been confirmed by other attendees. The spokesman for the city also said that they clearly distance themselves from racist behavior and now want to seek dialogue with the woman involved.

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