Concert in the Alte Oper – Quiet "Rock against the Court" – Frankfurt

Frankfurt – For peace and solidarity: Saturday 10 000 participated in the festival "Rock gegen Rechts" for the Alte Oper.

90 organizations organized the concert, which had a stamp, especially after the incidents in Chemnitz.

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Photo: Bernd Kammerer

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Crowds gathered in the square in front of the Alte OperPhoto: Bernd Kammerer

Mayor of Frankfurt Peter Feldmann (59, SPD) in a speech: "No acceptance of xenophobia, racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, discrimination against people and hatred from A to B – we do not want that in Frankfurt!"

The headliner and Frankfurt Shantel also said for his performance:

According to the police, the event was peaceful and without incident.

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