Connewitz: Captivity for right-wing extremist riots in Leipzig

More than two and a half years after the serious riots of hooligans and right-wing extremists in the Connewitz district in Leipzig, two defendants must go to jail. The Leipzig District Court sentenced the 26-year-old men to a one-year prison term and eight months without a conditional release in a particularly serious case.

Hooligans and members of the right-wing scene had arranged to gather through the left-wing alternative district of Connewitz, Judge Marcus Pirk said.

The defendants were at least members of the violent group, who were violating the violation of peace. The court thus followed the demand of the public prosecutor.

The defendants' accused had asked for acquittal. They were still appealing in the courtroom against the verdict. The process was the prelude to a whole series of similar procedures. The next starts on Wednesday.

Armed with axes, iron bars and wooden slats

The crowd with the most heads was drawn on 11 January 2016 with help of axes, iron bars and wooden slats by Connewitz. The men exploded fireworks, threw pieces of shops and tried to build barricades. A little later was a particularly damaged road like a debris field.

The police temporarily took 211 rights in custody. Five officials were injured in the riots. Mayor of Leipzig, Burkhard Jung (SPD), spoke about "open street terror".

The process was the prelude to a lot of post-raid cases. Some cases have been referred to other courts, including Torgau and Eilenburg, and to the Prosecutor General of Dresden.

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