Deadly accident in Berlin-Schöneberg: pedestrians run over with trucks

A woman died in a traffic accident in Berlin-Schöneberg. A truck should have hit the pedestrian.

A pedestrian was killed in a traffic accident in Berlin. Also involved in the accident on Tuesday afternoon at the intersection Hauptstraße and Dominicusstraße in Schöneberg was a truck.

Various media had reported on the accident. For example, the Berliner Morgenpost wrote on its website that the truck should have traveled in the direction of the Schöneberg Town Hall. When he enters the main street, he is said to have approached or driven the woman. About the exact procedure, there is no information, said a spokeswoman for the police.

Further accidents with trucks

In Germany there were two more accidents with trucks on Tuesday: a 55-year-old cyclist was hit by a truck in the district of Calw and badly injured. The 39-year-old truck driver pulled in and hit the cyclist when he wanted to go to the left. Rescuers brought the injured person to the hospital by helicopter.

In addition, a cyclist in Dortmund was towed a few meters from a truck in Dortmund. The 45-year-old was hit hard by the truck when he wanted to turn right, police said. The cyclist was stuck under the heavy vehicle and was later released by the fire brigade. The woman came to the hospital with only minor injuries. Even the 57-year-old driver was slightly injured by the collision.

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