Demonstrate thousands for the rescue of refugees

European governments are trying to make the rescue of the sea in the Mediterranean more difficult. Thousands took to the streets to show solidarity.

Several thousand people have demonstrated in Hamburg and Berlin for the rescue of refugees in the Mediterranean. In the center of Berlin, the organizers of the march "Berlin for a safe haven for refugees" spoke with 2500 participants.

"Safe haven" demanded

In Hamburg, the demonstrators moved from the scaffolding to the stadium of FC St. Pauli, where many fans joined. Also there, the train reportedly thousands of people. The end point should be the city hall in the city center. They also called for Hamburg to become a "safe haven" for refugees and rescue from need.

Necessary would be safe and legal escape routes to Europe and a political solution, so that all European states of their responsibility in the reception of refugees nachkämen, the Protestant bishop Kirsten Fehrs at the start said to the scaffolding.

Europe-wide protests

The demonstrations were part of the pan-European protest week "European protests – building bridges not walls". If European governments fail in the refugee problem, it would be up to the cities to act, Pier wrote on the internet.

The organization called on the Senate of Berlin to accept voluntarily rescued people from need and this & # 39; offensive & # 39; to offer. All options must be used to issue "rights to visa and group leave for survivors". Pier had already demonstrated in Berlin-Mitte in July for the rescue of refugees.

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