DFB: Instead of solving problems now, Löw thinks more about EM qualifications – EM 2020

Asked about the importance of the League of Nations, Joachim Löw proves with a quote how far away he is from the here and now. Instead of redesigning the team and resolving the current problems, the national coach already thinks about qualifying for the European championship.

Joachim Loew seems to misjudge the seriousness of the situation with his national team. Asked about the importance of the Nations League as a yardstick for reconstruction, the national coach replied: "You do not have to hang this up too often, the EM 2020 qualification is more important, starting in March and we will succeed."

There can be no turmoil

The national coach has to reform the national team. He must undergo a makeover and adjust the game system. In fact, Löw would have to extinguish various fires. The national team is currently showing a regrettable impression.

There can be no turmoil. Despite the current blockade and criticism that Löw has on his personnel decisions, he seems more concerned about the future than with the present. Moreover, it reveals how safe Löw believes in his office. The national coach does not seem to worry about his job – regardless of whether his team is blamabel from the Nations League.

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