Diesel: But no driving restrictions in Düsseldorf

The new air quality plan for Düsseldorf, which will apply from January, does not prohibit traffic. The document, which the district authorities must interpret from Tuesday, assesses the driving ban to reach the prescribed air pollution limits as disproportionate. Düsseldorf-based "Rheinische Post" learned this from two insiders around government president Birgitta Radermacher.

The decision could appeal to NRW & # 39; s Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU). He had already clearly stated in February that he did not want driving restrictions for his state. At that time, the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig ruled that municipalities could impose diesel fuel bans after Deutsche Umwelthilfe called on the state governments in Stuttgart and Düsseldorf to improve their clean air plans.

According to the court, however, the measures must be proportionate. "The complete closure of Düsseldorf for diesel is not proportional," Laschet said. According to the "Rheinische Post", the district administration saw that for a very long time differently and described a diesel traffic ban as "the only relevant measure in the short term". A similar judgment was reached in 2016 by the Düsseldorf administrative court, which stipulated that driving bans should be introduced to meet thresholds. It was precisely that assessment confirmed by the Federal Administrative Court of Leipzig at the beginning of the year.

In Düsseldorf according to the & # 39; Rheinische Post & # 39; more than 112,000 diesel cars are allowed. Düsseldorf could be another German city after Hamburg and Stuttgart, which decides diesel bans.

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