Dortmund: Rottweiler injured five-year-old girl – Panorama

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A five-year-old travels with her grandmother when she is suddenly attacked and injured by a Rottweiler. The animal had previously escaped from a fence.

  A Rottweiler attacked a five-year-old in Dortmund. Photo: dpa "title =" A Rottweiler attacked a five-year-old in Dortmund. Photo: dpa "style =" "src =""/>
A Rottweiler has attacked a five-year-old in Dortmund.</p>
<p><i> Photo: dpa </i></p>
<p>   Dortmund – A Rottweiler attacked and wounded a five-year-old girl on Saturday in Dortmund. The dog had escaped from a fenced area, had the child attacked abruptly and injured his leg, a spokesperson for the police said. "It was only through the intervention of passers-by and the approaching owner of the dog that the animal could be brought to release the girl," said the police. </p>
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De She was taken to the hospital for five-year travels with her grandmother, there was no danger of life, her grandmother was shocked, the dog was taken to a rescue center, police investigate the circumstances of the incident

The second Rottweiler attack within a few days. days

It is Rottweiler's second attack in North Rhine-Westphalia within a few days, and on Thursday a Rottweiler had attacked a ten-year-old boy in a forest near Wesel and had his leg bitten, after which the dog was withdrawn from the owner. .

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