"Drachenlord" in Emskirchen: rally against Youtuber causes police operation

With a large contingent the Bavarian police had to move on Monday in Emskirchen. More accurate: in Altschauerberg, a district of Emskirchen. There, about half an hour's drive north-west of Nuremberg, the maker lives "dragon lord1510" – and the massive protest had formed on the internet.

About 10,000 people had to learn an event entitled "The dragon fear!" her arrival announced. The meeting had to take place in front of the YouTubers' house. Altschauerberg lived about 40 people – correspondingly high was the nervousness in the Franconian province.

The competent Landratsamt had already imposed a ban on assembly on Friday to the municipality of Emskirchen, which was from Saturday to Tuesday afternoon. "There was concrete evidence of planned crimes against the death threats against the" dragon lord, "said a spokesman for the Office, because no one had registered the event, the ban had been issued to protect the maker and other occupants.

"Over the day, there were 600 to 800 people in the city on Monday," said a police spokesperson. The predominantly young men had worked together several times to form larger groups. Approximately 300 place references have been made. The arrivals came from the whole German-speaking area after the police. "Everything was there from Hamburg to Austria and Switzerland", says.

"I knocked out the shit out of you"

It lasted until about midnight until the quieter. Earlier, about 20 special units of the DFB Cup match between Greuter Fürth and Borussia Dortmund were ordered to support the officials in Emskirchen. These had already closed the access roads to the Altschauerberg district in the afternoon.

The excitement has a history. "Drachenlord", actually called Rainer Winkler, revealed his home address in a video in 2013. "Come to me and go with me, I will laugh at you," he had said at the time, apparently after his sister had an intimidating phone call receive from one of his viewers.

Winkler and his critics have been arguing for several years. He publishes videos about his life and also provokes with extreme views – he once described the Holocaust as a "nice thing". His critics insult him and joke about his appearance, his weight and his views.

Since then, unknown people drove to Winkler's house and were sometimes exaggerated. He was beaten and thrown by a masked man with eggs. Videos & # 39; s of the actions landed on the net.

In 2016, the Nuremberg District Court sentenced a then 24-year-old to a multi-year prison sentence. In addition to a number of other crimes, he had dropped a false emergency call, and in this way launched a major police and fire campaign with the dragon lord & # 39 ;.

The recent incident, however, was unprecedented, according to the police. It had flown Böller, which caused a small grass field to catch fire on the side of the road. A policeman was spit. It is not expected in the future that it will be over so quickly with the inserts on Winkler.

Police operation on Monday evening


Police operation on Monday evening

The other residents are becoming increasingly annoyed. As part of the meeting, five young men stayed with her yesterday, reports the operator of a nearby inn. "They were friendly, it is not always that way," she says. Several times, unknown people have already booked rooms at Winkler to have fun.

Others are only annoyed by the incidents. A restaurant owner would like no further information by telephone, too often anonymous callers would have ordered him in the name of Winkler or reserved tables. Even the neighbor of Winkler does not want to comment: "I do not say anything against that, you can forget about it."

According to the "Bayerischer Rundfunk" the village community turned to the local member of parliament in the case. The mayor of Emskirchen is currently not available for an interview. And the & # 39; dragons lord & # 39; self? Most recently, it says on its YouTube channel: "paused indefinitely".

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