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Munich – He delivered the world of celebrities with dirndls and lederhosen, matching Florian Silbereisen, Helene Fischer and the designer costumes of Veronica Ferres.

But fashion designer Daniel Fendler (37) would have equipped the shadow world of Munich. With hard drugs!

For more than a year, the designer would have provided the homosexual scene with the party drug Crystal Speed ​​(methamphetamine). Now he is in court.

The charge is for import and trade in narcotics in eleven cases.

Between March and December 2017, to the search for his apartment in Munich and the arrest of Fendler, he reportedly smuggled more than 600 grams of the substance from the Czech Republic to Germany, prosecutors said.

Initially with an accomplice that Fendler would have paid for his travel services with Crystal. Later, according to the charges, he would have only driven to the neighboring country and then sold the drugs in and around Munich for a maximum of 180 euros per gram.

Fendler's customers are claimed to be mainly hustlers who needed the stuff for their sex parties and passed them on to customers.

The designer is said to have fitted his sales via SMS. The code word for a gram of Crystal Speed ​​according to the charge: "Blowjob". He should have earned about 19 000 euros with the deal.

The researchers came to an agreement with the designer because his accomplice would have said that he had beaten him.

When Fendler was arrested, the Kripo found him more than 160 grams of methamphetamine in a Tupperdose. There were just under 1400 euros in his bag. The celebrity tailor threatens to seven years in prison.

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