Dunja Hayali wants to view jobs more critically – media

  • Because she appeared as a moderator in addition to her work at ZDF and other companies and organizations, Dunja Hayali was criticized last week.
  • In a statement that she has distributed through her social media channels, she admits that the list with her customers can create an "impression of bias or dependence".
  • Hayali promises to test its tasks even more self-critically in the future than before.

The legal side is clear. Dunja Hayali works at ZDF as a freelancer. As long as she tells her sender if she works for other customers, she can do that. Nevertheless, in the future Hayali wants to "look even more critically" which jobs it accepts and which does not. The journalist writes in a statement that she distributed Monday through her social media channels. Hayali is one of the faces of ZDF's morning magazine, has its own talk show and runs from Saturday to Saturday The current gym, Last week a discussion about Hayali's extra income and the related journalistic independence came about.

The NDR magazine Zapp had reported on the moderation performance of 44-year-olds at events of companies and organizations. In her statement, Hayali now writes: "In addition to my ZDF program, I moderate on behalf of associations, NGOs. [sic], Companies and others on average twice a month panel discussions or other formats. "And further:" There are discussions with politicians, representatives of the business community, cultural workers, people from sport, research, volunteers, creative people and other (formative) our society. "As Zapp In addition to the German automatic industry, Hayaly's customers also include the pharmaceutical group Novartis, BMW, the German government civil society, the German steel industry, the Amazon Academy and the German trade congress.

The debate about her journalistic integrity comes close, Hayali writes. She has made it clear to me how extremely demanding the requirements are for me. & # 39; In her reaction, the journalist admits certain errors: "The resulting discussion made it clear to me that gigs outside my broadcasts give the impression of being biased or dependent. (…) I underestimated the effect itself. I am very sorry." ;

She was aware that there is a difference between independent journalism and working for another customer & # 39 ;, continued Hayali. The presenter told Zapp last week: "I do not see a conflict of interest for my person as long as I do what I do on stage at every symposium, conference, congress, independent, honest, respectful Put your finger in the wound."

Hayali also makes clear in her statement that, contrary to what some headlines suggest, this is not advertising. Often she even sends volunteers or asks you to donate the planned reimbursement.

Dunja Hayali moderates the "Current Sports Studio"

From the next Bundesliga season, the 43-year-old strengthens the team of ZDF broadcasts. For Hayali, "a dream come true".

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