Dusseldorf-Bilk: woman dies after mes attack, no trace of the guilty

Düsseldorf –

Terror on public roads: a 44-year-old man was on a woman's creek on Monday morning (36), who was lying in wait and was being massacred with multiple stab wounds.

The woman can still be taken to a hospital. But she died shortly thereafter.

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In this apartment in Bilk the police suspected the perpetrator, but did not find him.

Neighbors are awakened by shouting

It is shortly after 8:30 in the morning when residents are awakened in the Bachstraße by loud shouts. Down in the street a man pursues a woman, overpowers her and stabs her repeatedly with a knife. Then the man flees to the Weberstraße, is still being persecuted by a witness. But he loses sight of him.

In the meantime, the woman is lying right next to the entrance gate to the main school on the corner of the Weberstraße in her blood. Passers-by try to help the woman and delay the bleeding until the arrival of the ambulance.
The woman is taken to a nearby hospital. But that is where doctors lose the battle for their lives. The many stab wounds had led to a too great blood loss, which eventually led to death.

An eyewitness reports to the police, wants the attacker to have recognized it. The officers quickly determine the whereabouts of the suspect in the nearby Brunnenstraße. The SEK is invoked, the apartment is finally stormed. But the 44-year-old with Iranian roots is not at home.

Even on Tuesday, there is still no trace with suspects. The police said this Tuesday morning early. There were no new insights into the background of the crime in the morning.

It is still unclear why the man stabbed the woman. A neighbor of the EXPRESS: "In the past few weeks two men kept calling me, they asked me about my neighbor, and at one point I threatened to call the police, she was a nice person, I already miss her. "

The men are said to have told the neighbor that they are the owners of a nearby kiosk. Suspicious: this kiosk has been closed since Monday morning.

Today at 3.30 pm police and prosecutors want to report new details about the crime in a press conference. A photo of the alleged perpetrator is also published because the police investigation so far has not been successful. Now they are hoping for the help of the population

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