Election of the elections in 2020: Aygül Özkan should be the best candidate of CDU


Despite serious illness Aygül Özkan to become top candidate of the CDU Hamburg

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  The CDU politician Aygül Özkan   The CDU politician Aygül Özkan

The CDU politician Aygül Özkan

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From 2010 to 2013 she was under Prime Minister Wulff Minister of Social Affairs and Integration in Lower Saxony.

  • Now the CDU politician Aygül Özkan becomes the best candidate for the Hamburg State Elections in 2020.
  • She is currently, however, seriously ill. Details are not known.

M the former Lower Saxon Minister for Social Affairs Aygül Özkan wants to be a top candidate in the political elections of 2020. This was announced by party leader André Trepoll and regional chairman Roland Heintze on Sunday. At the same time Trepoll confirmed a WORLD report on Thursday, in which he himself refrained from his candidacy. Although the twofold father never said that he wanted to enter the race as a top candidate. The opposition leader in the bourgeoisie, however, was long regarded as the most likely variant.

Özkan was Minister of Social Affairs, Women, Family, Health and Integration in Lower Saxony from 2010 to 2013. The lawyer was already deputy chairman of the state in Hamburg. In 2014 she gave up her parliamentary mandate in Lower Saxony and joined DB Kredit Service GmbH in Berlin, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank.

However, Trepoll and Heintze announced on Sunday that Özkan is seriously ill. They want to give the politician the necessary time, but hold her as a top candidate.

They had long agreed on Özkan, both emphasized. "It was clear to both of us quite quickly after the 2015 state elections that we needed someone who could represent Hamburg in its versatility and openness, which is rooted in the economy and has the necessary government responsibility," said Heintze.

Özkan suffers from a serious illness, Heintze and Trepoll did not say. They had never heard of it until last Wednesday. Both were visibly sad. "We stand by Aygül Özkan, we do something that would otherwise seem impossible in hectic politics, we breathe and take the time Aygül Özkan needs," Trepoll said, pointing out that there were still 18 months to go before the elections.

The aspirants of the party leadership want heavy tasks. It would have to lead his party after the historically poor performance in 2015 back to more strength in the bourgeoisie. The Christian Democrats in Hamburg ended up at 15.9 percent. In surveys they were last in April with 16 percent.

The candidates had this week opened the Greens, in which the Second Mayor Katharina Fegebank is candidate for the best candidate. Flanked by a party's decision, according to which it was to become a woman, the expectant mother strengthened her power with the Greens. The nomination is on 27 October.

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