"Elysium" process: how the manager explains his involvement

Frank M. is an honorable man. This is how the 40-year-old car mechanic from the Bad Camberg in Hesse should at least succeed. At the latest after his holiday, he had allowed the abuse platform "Elysium" to fly up. The police came before him: in May 2017 Frank M. was arrested, on 2 August he started in Limburg, the trial against him and three other men.

All the accused have announced that they will testify in court – and bring some light into the darkest corners of Darknet. The first step was taken by a man who acted as an administrator, provided the servers and thus made possible the technical infrastructure for the mass distribution of child pornography: Frank M.

First his lawyer read an explanation, according to which the father of two partially acknowledges his debt. But he has no pedophile tendencies. He rejects child pornography. Then Frank M. answered questions himself. About special chats for role-players, in which appropriate fantasies were mentioned, he had become aware of the scene. Out of interest, he then "self-taught" in the scene and "always wanted to disturb".

To keep his family out of the game, he had the server in his workshop during his "private investigation". He had tried, among other things, vulnerabilities in the scripts & # 39; of chats and forums. For this he had worked up the hierarchy & # 39 ;, he was responsible for the registration of new users and he had even sent material for child pornography.

Nickname "Berndinihr"

He has been told that "it does not work well for a senior manager if he does not publish something himself". Under the nickname "Berndinihr" he had also built a legend, a second existence with which he had appeared on the net. So he had spent as an IT expert, the "very withdrawn" life, two masters and was even abused as a nine-year-old.

Frank has also been chatting intensely for weeks with Christian L., the abuser of Staufen – allegedly to prevent worse. In addition to scripts and protocols, he also collected user and connection data on his server. He was reportedly about to hand over the entire equipment to the authorities. "I know how it sounds, I know exactly what everyone thinks here," concluded Frank.

Indeed, his remarks even led to "some amusement at the dock," as the then judge Marco Schneider indicated. He asked the defendant: why did it take months without Frank M. to entrust the researchers? Why did he trust anyone? "That would have been a hedge," said the judge, "then you would have had a witness." A clear answer was owed to M.

Prosecutor Julia Bussweiler needed only a few references to details in the 60 page complaint to permanently damage Frank M.'s image. Why was he in possession of child pornography when he so despised her? Why did he spend about 400 euros per month on the IT security of a system he wanted to "pull up"?

More confessions

After Frank M., the 47-year-old Bernd M. said and admitted, "that he is the panda". Under this nickname numerous threads were posted on "Elysium".

Bernd M. also came to "Elysium" through role play, after "leafing through" the relevant pages on Darknet. Frank M., whom he only knew as "Berndinihr", had confided to him one day in the chat that there was "something new" and asked: "Would you like to play the chaperones?"

In the hierarchy on "Elysium" Bernd M. was now a "Registered Member Plus" with the task of checking the messages for spam or unwanted content. Whoever alluded to Stalin or Hitler, "flew away", said Bernd M. and made a corresponding gesture.

The content itself would not have pleased him, so Bernd M. Sometimes he is reinsured with the "big managers", or a participant may be banned. His duties include the translation of "safety instructions" and "etiquette" from English to German: "I have this here and there together".

The trial ended with the charges against the third defendant, the 58-year-old Joachim P. from the Tübingen district in Baden-Württemberg. His own lawyer described him as "Messi", who lived in precarious conditions and assisted behind closed shutters in building "Elysium". P. had taken over Frank M. and provided technical assistance. He was not aware of the injustice at the time, he regretted his actions.

On 28 August, the last defendant 62 years old from Landsberg am Lech. The man has relevant criminal registers and should have even abused children and made photographic and film material. Generally, the trial is scheduled for another 13 days of trial.

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