Emertsham / Fürstenfeldbruck: Motorcyclist dies in a horror accident

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The provincial road became a mess: in a devastating accident, a cyclist from the Brucker area died on Sunday.

Emertsham – In a fatal motorcycle accident, a motorcycle rider from the area of ​​Fürstenfeldbruck died on Sunday afternoon. As reported by the police, the tragic accident took place at 2.05 pm on the TS 8 in the Emertsham area (Traunstein district).

An Audi was traveling, as were the two motorcyclists from the Brucker region. The cyclists belonged to a larger motorcycle group, which made a trip at the moment.

One of the cyclists dies – cyclist gets hit by vehicle parts

In traffic there are collisions between the car and the motorcycles. Both cyclists pop on the provincial road. The one remains unharmed, the other is much harder. Despite resuscitation attempts, he still dies at the scene of the accident. The crew of the rescue helicopter Christoph 14 is powerless.

The flying debris also hurts a local cyclist slightly (44).

Motorcycle flies in forest

Both the 24-year old driver's car and the deceased's bicycle were totally damaged and had to be towed away. According to information from the scene of the accident, the engine was thrown about ten meters in a forest. The vehicle of the uninjured Krad driver was only slightly damaged. In general, the material damage is estimated by the police at around 30,000 euros.

Deadly accident at Emertsham: cyclist loses his life

The police are looking for important witnesses

To clarify the accident, an appraiser was appointed by Prosecutor Traunstein. Now the police are looking for a possible witness who could have commented shortly before the accident. It is a red small car, apparently overtaken by the motorcycle group on the TS 8. The driver is requested to report to the police station Trostberg for testimonies on 08621/98420.

Man from the Furstenfeldbruck room killed on the Oktoberfest: On Sunday, the explosive new information about the case was made public (Merkur.de).


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