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They nibble on electric cables, eat the furniture and crawl out of the sewers: rats! For several years, complaints about rat disguises have been on the rise. The cities are fighting hard against the rodents.

But: what can the individual do against the plague? And how do you prevent this best?
BILD has asked Marius Tünte of the Tierschutzbund!

How do I know that I have a rat plague at home?

"The animals are very shy and usually hide from people, but there are signs of a plague, for example when there are flying globs in the house or you hear the animals running and growling across the floor. electrical cables or eat furniture ", warns Tünte.

How do I prevent rats?

Since rats multiply very quickly, you must avoid contamination! Because a woman can get twelve nests with about nine newborns.

Rats live from food remnants, therefore throwing away rubbish the nuts and bolts properly: make sure no food or leftovers remain on the premises, but always land in the trash can.

And how do I dispose of the waste in the right way?

Do not throw food in the toilet – that attracts rats. And in the worst case, the rats fight their way through the sewer to your bathroom.

Throw food waste into the trash. "It is best if you close the garbage bags well and throw them in tightly closed containers so that the rats can not get near the garbage." It is important to select large garbage cans. "If the garbage cans are too small, there is a risk that they overflow and offer the rats a food paradise.

So that the garbage smell does not settle in the barrels and attracts more animals, you have to clean the trash cans regularly, "advises Tünte.

Make sure your compost heap is closed and that the rats can not enter from the outside.

"In addition, you should not give food waste such as meat or fish – otherwise you offer the rats an excellent food source," Tünte added.

Can I solve the problem with the rat itself?

If you see signs of feces, but are not sure if it is really from rats, ask neighbors: Maybe your neighbors also have a rats problem?

"In such a case, it's important that not everyone fights for themselves against the rats, but mixes everything up, and only then you can remove the rats once and for all," says Tünte.

The expert advises you to visit a specialist: "Of course you can buy the farmyard, rat traps or poison, but do not underestimate the animals! Rats are extraordinarily clever – and often do not fall for the usual methods, so some homeowners try the animals frightened by smoking – often without success! Like ineffective hooks with which they want to kill the animals, "reports Tünte from the experience.

Nevertheless, some rat toxins work, such as chlorofacinone or warfarin. But those who live with children or pets take a risk. Because: "As soon as a cat or dog eats a rat that already has poison in its bloodstream, the pet can die as a result," warns Tünte.

And poisons are not a long-term solution because other animals come after the conditions for the animals remain attractive.

Rats always go the same way, so you have to place the traps where you see feces or stains.

If you turn on a professional, it can evaluate whether the plague is really rats. He also discovers where the nests are and how many animals they are.

You can do that right away!

It may take a few days before a pest control company arrives. In the meantime, however, you can check your house for defects:

  • Are there holes in the walls? If so: fill it out!
  • Do doors or windows close properly? Or can you help with rubber seals?
  • How clean are your pipes? And does water regularly flow through it so that the animals do not easily get through it?

In the long term, the owl, owl, mader, cat or dog are the best natural weapons against rodents. Because: They eat the rats.

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