Farmers involved receive up to 170 million euros from the federal government

The federal government wants to financially support farmers affected by the drought.

Minister Klöckner of agriculture said in Berlin, the crop damage had reached a national level, so the federal aid would be possible. The federal government will make available 150 to 170 million euros in addition to the national programs. The total amount is 340 million euros. The CDU politician added that, according to country data, about 10,000 companies across the country were so badly hit that their existence was threatened. The federal government and the affected countries now want to jointly determine the concrete procedures for support. Most recently, in 2003, the Confederation participated in a financial aid for drought.

Green member Häusling has called for a risk fund at European level in the light of the drought. Häusling said in Deutschlandfunk that climate change is putting agriculture in the whole of Europe in need. Extreme weather conditions can regularly be expected in the future. Farmers should not be left alone in these situations, Häusling said. With regard to the current drought, Häusling considers federal financial assistance to compensate for the damage as essential. Some companies are threatened in their existence.

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