FC St. Pauli against HSV: eyewitness prevents heavy fan riots


FC St. Pauli against HSV Eyewitness prevents heavy fan riots

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A few months ago, HSV supporters attacked a FC St. Pauli fan bus A few months ago, HSV supporters attacked a FC St. Pauli fan bus

In recent years, fighting scenes have repeatedly surfaced between the groups of the Ultras

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Ultras of HSV and St. Pauli apparently arrange a night of riots on the Great Freedom – but a resident looks at the action. Her phone call to the police changes everything.

DThe Hamburg police prevented a dispute between fans of FC St. Pauli and Hamburger SV. A resident had Saturday between 150 and 200 people dressed in black reported to the police. It turned out that they were supporters of the FC St. Pauli, who moved close to the Great Freedom. The police formed a police cordon on the spot, at the sight of which the group disbanded.

Police control HSV fans – they are violent

Almost simultaneously, a group of about 50 black supporters from the HSV found their way to the Reeperbahn. However, this has also been solved with the arrival of the arriving police officers. In the Davidstraße, officials later checked a group of eight HSV fans. Three of them were arrested because of their aggressive behavior towards the police. A residence ban was imposed against the other five. A clash of supporters from both clubs could be prevented, so there were no major riots. The police said they had more than 60 officers in action.

At the end of September it will go to the city derby

Such encounters could be repeated in the coming weeks – at the end of September, the first city derby in the second Bundesliga will take place on Matchday 8. Of course the meeting was classified by the police as a very safe game.

Only last week a trial with a conditional sentence was terminated, in which a 23-year-old HSV fan was charged. He had defeated a Pauli-supporter who, with a cap on which the club logo had been shown, had been innocent on a bank in Wandsbek and was subsequently attacked by the young man. The victim suffered from a rupture of the orbital floor. The perpetrator has a conditional sentence of one year and four months.

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