"Feels like death threat": unknown streets in Gladbeck with swastika and hate messages – region


"Feels like death threat": smear unknown streets in Gladbeck with swastikas and hate messages

on 01.10.2018 at 16:37

On the facades of residential buildings in Gladbeck unknown swastikas and xenophobic sayings are smeared.

On the facades of residential buildings in Gladbeck unknown swastikas and xenophobic sayings are smeared.

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Gladbeck. Unknown people probably literally littered with right-wing extremist symbols and hate blurring at night on Monday streets around Wielandstrasse in Gladbeck.

"Piss off!" Is there on the facades of residential buildings. In addition, swastika & # 39; s and other xenophobic slogans have been painted. The windows of a supermarket, a guardhouse at the station, the wall of a tunnel and the mosque were also smeared.

Swastika & # 39; s in Gladbeck – and a crosshair

Recai Cetin lives in the area and is shocked. He is particularly concerned about a graffiti: "Not welcome", the strangers have painted in large red letters on the walls of the mosque, the "O" is a stylized visor – like a rifle scope.

"For me it feels like a murder threat," says Cetin.

Unknown overlap stumbling blocks

In the neighboring Recklinghausen there was another crime that night, apparently with an extreme right-wing background. On the Bochumer Strasse, unknown persons have stuck more than four stumbling blocks with films. The stones are reminiscent of victims of the Holocaust.


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On the slides, which look similar to the stones, are the names of women who are said to have been victims of refugees. The fact that they denigrate the memory of the deceased with their action and defeat the atrocities of the Third Reich seems irrelevant to the perpetrators.

Acts from the right pile up

Acts of this kind are accumulating. In 2017, national security counted 244 offenses with an extreme right-wing background. Eleven of them were violent crimes, the others were about right-wing propaganda such as swastika graffiti or showing the Hitler salute. Only a few days ago strangers had painted a huge swastika in the middle of a street. And in Dortmund, right-wing extremists had sung Nazi proverbs in a demo. Also in Dortmund two men had met a 34-year-old and previously called "Heil Hitler".

The protection of the state now depends on the incidents in Gladbeck and Recklinghausen. Witnesses are requested to file a complaint with the police under number 02361/55 1031 (incident in Gladbeck) or 0800/2361 111 (incident in Recklinghausen).

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