Fernbus provider Flixbus sued Deutsche Bahn

The bus company Flixbus complained to the German railways because of the presentation of its trains on the internet. "In July we filed a lawsuit because Flixtrain on bahn.de is only vague", said CEO André Schwämmlein on Monday. Previously the "Manager Magazin" reported on it.

Munich-based company Flixmobility is Germany's largest long-distance bus operator, but also sells train tickets on the Stuttgart-Berlin and Cologne-Hamburg routes. The trains are the only competition for the track in long-distance rail traffic.

Are Flixtrain connections sometimes not displayed?

Their offer is sometimes not shown when looking for the fastest connection, a spokesman for Flixmobility criticized. Occasionally on the site so far that savings prices are not available. The company sees unfair competition and wants to take action against this at the court of Hamburg.

Bahn rejects accusations of Flixtrain

The railway rejected the charge. The complaint was received and will now be investigated, explained a spokesperson for the railways. "Apart from that, however, we are talking about Flixtrain on this subject and we have already changed some points in the sense of Flixtrain."

Flixtrain sells its tickets through its own booking platform, not via the side of the train. Schwämmlein told the "Manager Magazin" but bahn.de was "the central information platform for customers and legally obliged to show all travel options by rail". In suburban traffic that also works. A spokeswoman for the court in Hamburg initially did not want to comment.

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