Fire in the municipality of Saarburg

In Saarburg the administration of Verbandsgemeinde burns. Parts of the roof have collapsed. The fire brigade has issued an official hazard statement.

When the troops arrived on the scene, the flames shot up to the top of the building. The cloud of smoke is visible for miles. The Integrated Control Center in Trier asks all citizens to keep doors and windows closed. Ventilation and air conditioning systems must be switched off.

As the chief of the fire brigade reported to the SWR, parts of the roof truss have already collapsed. The fire brigade has sent a first exploration team into the building. There are about 150 to 200 forces on the ground.

They were taken from the whole area and from the Saarland. There will be a press conference in the near future.

Around 6.45 pm, according to the police, passersby reported the smoke from the top floor of the building on Sunday. The extinguishing and rescue operation is still in full swing. Even a drone is in use.

Photos on Facebook show the size of the fire:

Whether there are any injuries is not yet known. As soon as more information is available, we will update this message continuously.

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