Focus founder Helmut Markwort auctions BR role for FDP election campaign


Problems with the BR "Focus" founder Markwort wanted to auction a TV role for the FDP campaign

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The 81-year old Markwort runs election for the FDP in the Bavarian state The 81-year old Markwort runs election for the FDP in the Bavarian state

The 81-year old Markwort runs election for the FDP in the Bavarian state

Source: dpa / Tobias rabbit

"Focus" founder Helmut Markwort runs for the Bavarian state election for the FDP. In addition to the campaign budget, he tried to auction a TV role – and he caused displeasure at Bayerischer Rundfunk.

Dhe founder of the magazine "Focus", Helmut Markwort, has offered an auction for Anger at Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR). During an election campaign, the 81-year-old FDP candidate auctioned an extra role for the Bavarian parliament for the ARD evening series "Hubert without Staller" without informing the main channel. Earlier, the & # 39; Süddeutsche Zeitung & # 39; about this.

According to the responsible BR editor Elmar Jaeger, the producer of the program assumed that the role of extras would be auctioned, as in other cases for a charitable purpose. When it became clear that Markwort would improve its campaign budget with the auction, if the campaign was "stopped immediately" by the producer, the BR announced. Consequently, it will not come to a corresponding cast.

Markwort runs for the Liberals for the state elections on 14 October. On Facebook, he had reported a few days ago that he had auctioned three prizes at a dinner with supporters to fill his campaign fund. Comedian Harald Schmidt also appeared at the event.

Markwort: does not affect the content of the program

According to SZ Markwort does not understand the excitement about the role auction. He has no influence on the content of the program and does not even appear there, according to Markwort. The series is the continuation of the series "Hubert and Staller", which is continued after the departure of a protagonist under a slightly different title.

Markwort himself was long host of the political "Sunday Stammtisch" on Bavarian television. Because of the candidacy, Markwort has been running a different moderator since April.

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