Forest fire near Berlin spreads: first places evacuated

The dried out Brandenburg now burns on 300 hectares. Some villages have to be evacuated, the fire brigade and the police have arrived. To top it all off, ammunition is still in the ground.

Because of a huge forest fire about 50 kilometers from the Berlin city limits, about 600 people have had to leave their villages. Three places in an area south of Potsdam were evacuated. On Thursday night already an area as large as 400 football fields burned.

"The fire has now developed into a full fire in parts," said Raimund Engel, forest firefighter of the country, opposite the Schweriner Volkszeitung. "The situation is absolutely serious" The fire stretches to a minimum income, said it. This complicates the extinguishing work. According to the regional control center Brandenburg, there were already explosions. In addition, the wind is constantly rotating, Engel continues.

The largest body that burns, according to the armed forces, is one kilometer wide and three kilometers long. Moreover, more places were on fire, said a spokesperson for the Brandenburg West police station.

Currently included from Malterhausen

Posted by Eric Kräuter on Thursday, August 23, 2018

The estimate on 300 acres of fire is just 100 meters away from places, he said. The people who had to leave their home should therefore only bring the most important things, such as papers or medicines, according to the security service of the city of Treuenbrietzen (district of Potsdam-Mittelmark). They must first be housed in the local town hall.

The authority asked "to leave the people in the places Tiefenbrunnen and Klausdorf their houses and follow the instructions of the local armed forces." People in Frohnsdorf also had to leave their homes, explained the police spokesman. It was not yet possible to say whether more places could be added in the course of the evening and the night. In the city of Jüterbog people prepare for evacuees. Residents can stay there in a hall.

Photos from Treuenbrietzen! Wait a second ….
We take care of each other and at such a moment hundreds of volunteers from all over Brandenburg come together !!

Posted by volunteer fire brigade Werder – Havel city on Thursday, August 23, 2018

Smoke column is 10 kilometers away

The smoke column can be seen 10 kilometers, a spokesman said. The fire service is trying to get the fire under control. The weather does not help so far. "It would be nice if it rains."

During the evenings, the fire brigade in the city of Berlin also issued a warning about the consequences of the fires in Brandenburg. In the southeast of the capital – initially especially in Treptow, Köpenick and Müggelheim – smoke was in the air. "Similar ashes are possible."

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