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Group of refugees destroys club and attacks guests with knives and bars

on 02.09.2018 at 21:23

Here the refugees riot: the Club Frosch in Frankfurt (Oder).

Here the refugees riot: the Club Frosch in Frankfurt (Oder).

Photo: Frog Club

  • In Frankfurt (Oder), a group of Syrian refugees reportedly attacked a club
  • They hit windows and attack guests
  • Fortunately, no one was injured

Frankfurt (Oder).
In Frankfurt / Oder a group of Syrian refugees attacked a club with iron bars and knives. As the "Berliner Morgenpost" reported, the attack had already happened last weekend. This confirmed a spokesperson for the police against the magazine.

How did the incident happen? In the club "Frog" a party from the 90s has just taken place. Two men, refugees from Syria, began to provoke, had been warlike. Then it is for Quarrel with a German party guest come.

As reported by the "Berliner Morgenpost", mentioning the public prosecutor, the men named "We are Arabs, we kill you all". Then both would have left the store – to come back later with reinforcements.

Refugees came back with friends

A total of ten people would have gathered for the club. They were with Armed iron bars and knives and began to threaten visitors who stood in front of the club. According to the prosecutor, they have repeatedly been called "Allahu akbar" ("God is great").

Then the men are suddenly on the Stormed clubwould have smashed discs and thrown stones. "Visitors were attacked, beaten and thrown with stones", said the chief prosecutor of the "Berliner Morgenpost".

"It was pure horror, pure horror"

The partygoers were panicking, the club operator said of the page. He describes how a party guest had vibrated so much that in the first instance he could not open his car. The owner himself was almost the victim when one of the suspects wanted to hit him through a broken door with a knife.

"It was pure horror, pure horror, people were hit by stones, it was not a difference," he continued. Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured in the incident. The perpetrators could flee before the arrival of the police.


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According to prosecutors, the alleged perpetrators are in the neighborhood Syrian refugees, The owner of the club emphasized that among the attendees there were other peaceful Syrians who simply wanted to enjoy the party.

By the way, the attackers did not completely escape persecution: when the German, who had protested the Syrians the day before, had recognized two of them the next day in a square, a new attack took place. the The police arrested two Syrians, An arrest warrant had already been issued against one of them, reports the Berliner Morgenpost. He's already in prison.

At the club "frog" you can not spoil the atmosphere. The club operator hopes that the incident will not be instrumentalized by groups.

Last night he wanted to repeat the party, there is on Facebook. "We have a party to repeat! A noisy, happy, un-political, loose fluffy, carefree 90's party!" (Bekö)

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