Frauke Petry: "Confidentiality does not seem relevant in Seehofer's ministry"

DThe relationship between the President of the Federal Agency for the Protection of the Constitution and the AfD raises many questions at the moment. Hans-Georg Maaßen had met twice with the then party leader Frauke Petry in autumn 2015 on his own initiative. And just a few months ago (after Petrys party exit) he spoke with current AFD chief Alexander Gauland about a possible Russian spy in the faction. Much is unclear. What does Petry's non-attached Member of Parliament say?

WORLD: Mrs Petry, did you meet with the chairman of the commission for the protection of the constitution Hans-Georg Maassen in 2015?

Frauke Petry: In 2015 I had two conversations with Mr. Maaßen in private. The initiative for the interviews came from him.

WORLD: So Mr. Maassen approached you on his own initiative?

Petry: Yes, and the interviews were classified as confidential from the start, which I hold on to.

WORLD: Did not you think he wanted to talk to you?

Petry: No, I thought it normal that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution was looking for a meeting with the chairman of a new and dynamically growing party to get first-hand information. Moreover, I had to worry about my safety and that of my children at that time. That was one of our subjects.

MP Maassen has met Petry twice

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A spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior now confirmed WELT that three years ago the president of the German constitution, Hans-Georg Maassen, met the former AFD head Frauke Petry. In general, they should have had two conversations.

Source: WORLD / Kevin Knauer

WORLD: What about other topics? For example with what Franziska Schreiber writes in the book "Inside AfD": that Maaßen had advised her how the AfD could avoid an observation through the protection of the constitution?

Petry: The credibility of Franziska Schreiber is characterized by serious errors in her book. On the one hand, it misrepresents the names and functions of prominent Saxon AFD representatives, as in Carsten Hütter, and praises that he may call me "Sternchen". She clearly does not know that this was a Schmähname of opponents of my inner party.

She is surprisingly ill-informed for an alleged initiate. Right after the publication of this book, I have already said that Franziska Schreiber claims to be fictional. That has not changed.

WORLD: What do you mean exactly? Does it have to be fictitious that you said something to writers? Or is it wrong that in the conversations with Maassen the observation was a problem due to the protection of the constitution?

Petry: In the AFD in the spring of 2016 in the party leadership and also with the Junge Alternative and hence the discussions of Franziska Schreiber that it is clear from official statements of the protection of the Constitution, the AfD could under certain circumstances threaten an observation. .

Of course I had to make such reports in the party because an observation would have been a great danger to the party. From this, some people in the AfD have taken the position: "Maaßen advised Petry." But in fact, I never said that he had given me such advice.

AfD testing through constitutional protection is not a common practice

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Alexander Gauland suspects a Russian agent in the AFD group. He talks about this with president of the constitutional protection Maaßen and receives feedback about the suspect. This is not common, says the Ministry of the Interior.

Source: WORLD / Laura Fritsch

WORLD: Has Maaßen advised you about the observation of the AfD through the protection of the constitution?

Petry: I have already said that these accusations are freely devised by Mrs Schreiber. By the way, as long as the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Mr Maaßen still consider the last remaining confidentiality in these discussions, I will stick to it.

WORLD: Did Maaßen send you written notes after the interviews?

Petry: No.

WORLD: How do you explain that the "Spiegel" quoted an AfD member of the board in 2016 in such a way that you told the party executor about a consultation by Maaßen about a constitutional protection consultancy firm?

Petry: There is no quote, only alleged anonymous hints. However, I wonder: how can allegations about confidential four-way conversations between Maassen and me be leaked? I have not told anyone about it. But what about the confidentiality of the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs and the protection of the Constitution?

WORLD: According to Schreiber they called Maassen after the meetings with him "good-natured". Is that right?

Petry: I have interpreted the media reports of that time, of which I have already mentioned, that Mr Maaßen explained very precisely how parties could avoid supervision by the Bureau for the Protection of the Constitution. I found that especially useful in debates within. I do not know the personal attitude of Mr. Maaßen towards the AfD.

WORLD: Was there still contact between you and Maassen after 2015?

Petry: There has been a contact recently, that irritates me now. I called Mr Maaßen almost two weeks ago. He reassured me that the confidentiality of our discussions will of course be respected.

Shortly thereafter, the WELT article showed that Mr. Maassen reported on the meetings with me in the Federal Ministry of the Interior. It is a sign of unprofessionality that confidentiality in Seehofer & # 39; s ministry is apparently irrelevant.

"It hurts to see which way the AfD has taken"

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Frauke Petry explains why the AfD is not sustainable for liberal-bourgeois voters, how she personally stands for Lutz Bachmann, why she & # 39; marriage for all & # 39; does not support – and what she likes about Sahra Wagenknecht.

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