Frontal 21: the complete recordings of the Pegida incident have now been published


Frontal 21st Now the complete recordings of the Pegida incident have been published

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In Dresden, Pegida followers regularly demonstrate In Dresden, Pegida followers regularly demonstrate

In Dresden, Pegida followers regularly demonstrate

Source: dpa / Sebastian Kahnert

A video caused a stir last week. Journalists from ZDF wanted to film a Pegida demonstration. Police officers have turned her off at work. Now the entire video material was shown for the first time.

AOn the weekend, the TV journalist Arndt Ginzel's video caused a stir: the reporter from ZDF's political magazine "Frontal21" wanted to film the Pegida protests surrounding Angela Merkel's visit to Dresden on Thursday and was bothered. First, by demonstrators and later by the police, who reportedly were Ginzels, with their unspecified "police action", the reporting was difficult. One with the hashtag "#pegidawirkt" published on Facebook and Twitter, a good two-minute video must underscore his thesis.

Ginzels now contributes to the incidents on "Frontal 21". Moderator Ilka Brecht announced him under the title "Press Freedom in Saxony: How journalists are disabled". The contribution itself showed in a minutes protocol already published on Facebook video images – as well as new material.

The protocol starts with 17:40 when the cameraman begins to film. Previously unpublished photo & # 39; s. Two minutes after the start of the recording, the demonstrators of Pegida are insulted by passers-by. A Pegida demonstrator with a brown t-shirt and a dark brown hood reacts to the passersby. "You are not our people", he sticks him out.

This is followed by recordings that have already been seen on Facebook. They show a man with a German cap on his head, who is visibly disturbed by filming. He goes to the TV team and says "stop filming" several times in the camera. "They commit a crime, they film me in the face." Demostrene started to bother the cameraman and to take the camera out of his hand

At 17:43 the police will be active, but not against the attackers, but against the television crew. Five minutes later the camera will film again. There is a scene in which the police arrests the journalists and checks their press references for a long time. The whole scene is also filmed by a policeman.

Only at 5:53 PM journalist Ginzel and his colleague can continue working, but then shortly afterwards. Shortly after six, the protester returns with the brown shirt, which defended itself verbally against the passers-by in the opening shots. He now accuses the journalists that they have been canceled. He is claiming criminal charges against the police. The journalists' offer to view the incident on their camera rejects the police.

The prime minister of Saxony is behind the police

Only at 6:32 PM, after more than 45 minutes of investigation of the press cards and the recording of the criminal charges against them, Arndt Ginzel and his cameraman can continue to work.

At the end of the article, the "frontal" editorial board of Saxony's Prime Minister, Michael Kretschmer, has a voice that says that the officials acted according to the law. He had already responded to charges of Ginzels on Saturday and the police officer as the only "serious attitude" testified.

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