Games Fair Gamescom Bundeswehr for posters in the criticism

The Bundeswehr is also represented at the Gamescom computer and video games fair in Cologne. With posters in aesthetics and slogans of computer games such as "Multiplayer at its best" she offers criticism.

Multiplayer games are computer games such as Counter Strike & # 39 ;, in which multiple players compete with each other or against each other.

Criticism of the posters could be heard in the online network Twitter. The Bundeswehr has depicted the war as if it were a game, for example the user wrote "MOKOffiziell".

Conscious provocation or suggestion to think?

At the request of Dlf24, a spokesman for the Bundeswehr said that they wanted to raise awareness of a serious problem in the context of Gamescom and to encourage young people to think. The most important question to ask is: "play war or fight for peace?".

The group used the aesthetics of the videogame to carry a message out of sight and to promote new blood, writes journalist and military expert Thomas Wiegold on his website "Eyes Straight!". Whether this approach works, about which you can argue. Because the Bundeswehr is not present at the fair for the first time, Wiegold also refers in the article to a statement from those responsible for the appearance of Gamescom last year: "An archer has nothing in common with the soldier's life." The Bundeswehr is not a game.

Organizers of trade fairs want to discuss posters with the Bundeswehr

The journalist Dominik Schott claims to have asked about the current advertising campaign when organizing the fair in Cologne. After the fair they wanted to talk to the Bundeswehr officials about the design of the ads, he was told.

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