Golden Erdogan statue situated in Wiesbaden

He lifts his right arm and stretches his index finger in the air – Recep Tayyip Erdogan as a four-meter-high, golden-shining statue. The larger than life-size statue of the Turkish president was set up in the center of Wiesbaden on Tuesday night. Behind it is an art campaign from the Wiesbaden Biennale, which is currently taking place under the motto "Bad News".

If the artists wanted to provoke their work, they succeeded: in the social media it is already controversial. "Terrible", a user on Twitter about the action. "Next, Hitler?" "What nonsense," writes another.

Even in the city of Wiesbaden the Tuesday morning was surprised. The establishment of a "human-like image" was indeed approved by the Public Order. "But we did not know that this would be Erdogan," says a spokesperson for the city on call. How long the artwork can remain is still unclear.

The Turkish president Erdogan is controversial in Germany. In order to ensure that the provocative image in Wiesbaden does not cause problems, it has been guarded by the police since this morning. "This is a preventive measure, nothing has happened yet," says the spokesperson.

The biennale wants to express itself during the day, the press agency said on demand. Then she wants to explain the intention of the artists.

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