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  • Politicians from different parties argue for the joint efforts of AfD and Pegida in Chemnitz, the right-wing populist party to be followed by the Constitution.
  • Both Green Party leader Baerbock and SPD secretary general Klingbeil argued for such action. Minister of the Interior Seehofer (CSU) expresses restraint.

from Jan Bielicki and Robert Rossmann

After a joint meeting between the AfD and the xenophobic Pegida movement in Chemnitz, politicians in the Greens and the SPD plead for the right-wing populist party to be followed by the constitution. "You can radicalise the AfD," said Green Party leader Annalena Baerbock South German newspaper"The AFD had" conscious and visible on the public road along with offensive anti-constitutional forces. "She therefore shares the opinion of the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution, which the perception deems appropriate," Baerbock said.

There were also calls from other parties for a more consistent approach against the AfD. "If regular AfD politicians and their environment trivialize Nazi crimes, a red border is crossed," said SPD Secretary General Lars Klingbeil: "Constitutional protection must follow these activities."

The CDU federal vice Thomas Strobl had already stated on Friday that he considers such an observation of the AfD possible: "This party is developing towards the extreme right," said Strobl, who is also Minister of the Interior in Baden-Württemberg: " The involvement of the AfD At the events in Chemnitz new facts arise, I am pretty sure that these facts will contribute to the assessment of the situation. "Volker Kauder, head of the Union faction in the Bundestag, criticized the AfD as a party, "of aid to right-wing radicalism is made". The newspaper World on Sunday he said: "The AfD wants to attack our state."

At the edge of the demonstration, according to the police, 18 were wounded

On the other hand, Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) has expressed reservations about the use of the Constitution protection against the AfD. "At the moment the conditions for an observation of the party as a whole are not for me", he told the newspapers of the spark-media group. The Constitutional Protection Authorities of the federal and state governments jointly declared in March that "at present" there is "not enough factual evidence" that would justify an observation of "the AFD as a party".

On Saturday the police said that 8,000 demonstrators followed a call from AfD and Pegida for a so-called funeral procession through the center of Chemnitz. It marched leading AfD politicians in a row with the convicted founder of Pegida, Lutz Bachmann. Earlier, about 3,000 people – including Baerbock and other prominent politicians from the SPD, the Greens and the left – protested under the motto "heart instead of hatred" against the fact that killing a man in Chemnitz would be institutionalized by right-wing groups. The 35-year-old had been stabbed a week earlier, because two asylum seekers from Syria and Iraq are in custody.

On the sidelines of the demonstrations, 18 people were injured, the police said. Journalists of the MDR were physically abused. The WDR magazine Monitor also reported a right-wing extremist attack on a camera crew.

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Riot of decency

With a lot of noise and creativity Chemnitz tries to resist the right-wing extremists. But that is more difficult than expected. Because the enthusiastic people do not want to give way.

By Iris Mayer, Chemnitz

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