Grobrand at Ingolstadt: the police take millions of damage

A loud bang has a lot of people on early Saturday morning at 5.30 am Ingolstadt awake and restless. According to the police, in the district of Irsching (district Pfaffenhofen a.d.Ilm) near the Bavarian city on the Danube Explosion in a refinery of the company Bayernoil occurred. Hundreds of rescue teams had service all Saturday.

Ten people who had been on the premises at the time of the explosion were injured, one of them seriously. The lamentation continued on Sunday morning, said a spokesperson for the police headquarters in Upper Bavaria. The extent of the damage is still unclear, but it is assumed that this is a "million loss".

Meanwhile, disaster alarm was called. At 16:15 on Saturday he was withdrawn, informed the district office Pfaffenhofen.

Fire in Ingolstadt: affected gas plant

According to the police, on the Raffineriegnde burned the liquid and liquid petrol plant of the Gas station, What caused the fire or the explosion was unclear on Sunday. The remaining substances in the pipes were burned in a controlled manner, according to a spokesman for the police. Only then could fire fighters investigate the location of the fire. Subsequently, a possible support will be decided by experts from the Bavarian State Office for Criminal Investigation (LKA). However, the police have already started asking questions.

Minister of Internal Affairs Joachim Herrmann (CSU) visited the fire brigade on Saturday to speak with the emergency services. The minister was relieved that nobody had died in the explosion. "Thank God that no deaths have occurred," he said on Saturday. At the same time, he thanked the rescue services for a "smooth" deployment. In the shortest time, hundreds of forces were on the ground.

Herrmann praises "smooth" use in Vohburg

If you look at the severity of the devastation on the company site, you immediately see that it can also lead to fatal cases: "Entire house walls have been demolished." The Brogebude on the site was also significantly influenced, for example, wall parts buried a car under them. Building parts were flown around. According to Herrmann's words, ten people were injured. The number of injured had increased again during the day, but the majority were only slightly injured. An employee who had been on the company site at the time of the explosion was seriously injured.

Police: Fire is under control, brawl continues

After the explosion had arrived early in the morning, the situation only relaxed at noon. The police reported at 11.48 am: "The fire is under control." The buzz but keep going. The operation drags through until the evening hours. Closing measures and hazard statements remain in effect. There are about 600 emergency services from the fire brigade, rescue service, THW and police in action. Even in the afternoon the smoke from the refinery was still rising.

Heavy smoke – 1,800 people evacuated from Irsching and Vohburg

For safety reasons, initially 2,200 people from Vohburg and the surrounding areas had to leave their home. This was a precaution because of the strong smoke, said a police spokesman. After about three hours the cloud of smoke dissolved partially. "The evacuation is complete," the police reported at 10.08 am via Twitter. Further evacuation measures are not necessary.

A large proportion of those affected stayed with friends and acquaintances. About 140 to 200 people are housed in the gym in Vohburg and are cared for by the BRK. People were allowed to return to their homes during the afternoon.

The Ministry of Environment has announced a test to determine whether the fire and the work of extinction have consequences for people or the environment. Initial measurements showed that no health-threatening substances were found in the smoke.

But not only on the premises, which belonged to the company Bayernoil, it suffered damage – even in the residential areas were damaged by the blast furnace building – windows were broken, stones flew from the roofs. Everyone can count on the damage being compensated, Herrmann said.

Police shuts down territory – protection against spectators

The police had deposited around 130 hectares of land around it. This should also prevent spectators from getting too close to the event and possibly endangering it. The federal road 16 at the gas-fired power station was also hit by the police agency – the traffic was diverted.

According to the company, the Vohburg refinery was put into operation in 1967. The refinery gets its Rohl via the Transalpine Pipeline (TAL) from Trieste in Italy. In Vohburg it is then further processed – for example into petrol, diesel, Heizl, kerosene, bitumen and sulfur. In Vohburg and at the second location in Neustadt an der Donau, 10.3 million tonnes of crude oil is processed annually.

On video & # 39; s, the users of the short messaging service that Twitter distributed on the internet, fierce flaming flames were seen.

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