Gummersbach: Cow bounces and gets stuck in the roof

Gummersbach: cow flies and stuck in the roof – SPIEGEL ONLINE

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Cow bursts out and gets stuck in the roof

DPA / District Police Oberbergischer Kreis

The night journey of a cow caused a lot of excitement in a small town in North Rhine-Westphalia – and a large-scale use of fire and police. Decisive help came from a crane owner.

The mission in Morsbach-Rom lasted two hours: according to police Gummersbach, the cow had probably outgrown a hole in the fence of her pasture. Then she had excavated a slope and reached the corrugated roof of an event hall. There the animal broke according to the information and got stuck.

Residents warned the police at 1:50 am on Friday evening. The officials, firefighters, rescue workers, a veterinarian and the owner of the cow rushed to the scene of the incident. Even a crane man came to the rescue. With his crane the cow could be unharmed from the roof unharmed.

From the cow to the hedgehog – even other animals are occasionally stuck. The images:

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Animals are stuck:
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