Gymnasium Auerbach: 19.55 hours, the police snatched the alleged extortioner Free press

Auerbach / Zwickau.

The report came shortly after 8.00 pm: "On Friday evening the police were able to name the suspected blackmailer by name, a 15-year-old who was provisionally arrested at 7:55 pm and is now in custody." On Saturday the suspect will be presented to the magistrate. For this purpose, all necessary punitive measures must be taken during the night by the 30-strong special commission.

The spokesperson for the police, Oliver Wurdak, did not want to say Friday night, regarding tactical reasons, how the police ended up with the suspect and if there were any indications for possible accomplices. He confirmed, however, that the arrested adolescent was one of the suspects against whom the police had been investigating for some time.

18 clock was on Friday, an ultimatum of the blackmailer was initially without consequences. At the end of the countdown a new threat appeared with the tenor: "Then I will come later". The blackmailer had asked the police to pay 10,000 euros in bitcoins, otherwise there would be dead in high school. Since Tuesday researchers, teachers, students and parents have been kept sharp with this threat that was placed on a website.

The alleged blackmailer apparently also worked with fake e-mails: for example, a message was sent to & # 39; Free Press & # 39 ;, which reportedly came from the director of the Goethe-Gymnasium and also referred to the Droh website . She was sent in the middle of the night. The secretariat was told that the Director had nothing to do with this news.

Since 2017 the primary teachers of the Gymnasium with fabricated orders have been adapted via the internet. At the end of May 2018 the police placed their numbers at more than 90. The strange incidents at the school ended in the spring in a also announced in the net rampage on Pentecost weekend. Then the lessons were canceled for a few days, the exams for graduation had to be postponed. By the end of the school year, the police were on the spot every day and at the beginning of the holiday everyone involved had the hope that psycho-anxiety would end. That was not the case, the orders were reactivated in the first week of school.

Shortly after the threat of chaos in May, the police could report two arrests, but the suspected father-son team had to be released a short time later. Housing searches were carried out for other young people. In no case was it enough for an indictment.

According to Arndt Schubert of the State Office for School and Education, about 60 of the nearly 500 students stayed away from teaching on Friday – considerably more than in the days before. Among the parents of the students of Goethe, the anger about the information policy of the authorities has increased lately. "We have parents to decide whether we want to send our children to school or not," complained a mother whose child is in class 6. "This is extremely stressful." There was no clear information regarding the amok threat. Yesterday she had not sent her child to school herself.

A father with a 11th-class son also felt ill-informed by the official authorities: "The current status we learn from the paper, otherwise nothing concrete." His son went to school anyway, just like his classmates. "The big boys take that relatively cool – their parents were more scared," said the father.

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