Hamburg: 178 rights to "Merkel must go" – and 10,000 counter-demonstrators

The right-wing environment had campaigned throughout the country: the almost traditional "Merkel must go" demo in Hamburg should be a sign this Wednesday evening – especially after the incidents in Chemnitz. The big question: can the right people also mobilize crowds in a West German city?

The answer can be expressed with a number: According to police, the location at Gänsemarkt was 178 people. "We counted," said a police spokesman.

Most participants were middle-aged, including various hooligans. There were also high-ranking Pegida representatives from Saxony, such as vice-president Siegfried Däbritz, the country representative of the AfD from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Dennis Augustin, as well as speakers from Stuttgart and Mainz.

The much larger characters, however, put the many counter-demonstrations. On the two protest trains – once from the main station to the Jungfernstieg, once from the Stephansplatz to the Jungfernstieg – 10,000 people estimated. They called "Nazi & # 39; s", "We are more" and "Alerta, Alerta, Antifascista".

The police completely shut down the goose market to prevent a rendezvous of the right with the counter-demonstrators. Among other things, four water cannons were pushed up. But it did not lead to greater confrontations. "The event was trouble-free," said the police spokesman.

However, individual struggle could be observed. So a right-wing protester hit the camera from the hands of a journalist. Policemen, however, immediately intervened and pushed the man away.

The "Merkel must disappear" meetings that were visited by human rights visitors and conspiracy theoreticians took place regularly in Hamburg for a long time. More than 300 demonstrators never came. Then it was quiet for a moment around the event. After the riots of Chemnitz, the rally this Wednesday evening was under increased observation – similar scenes as in Chemnitz, but it was not.

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