Hamburg: Horror in Flensburg: after a frontal crash with Opel – "Hotrod" driver dead!

In a serious accident on the Husumer Straße, a man was killed early on Friday evening.

A group of 13 riders was on kart-like, so-called "mini-Hotrods" when a competitor came in oncoming traffic for unknown reasons and collided with an approaching Opel Meriva. For him all help came too late.

According to police and fire findings, the "Hot Rod" group was on the Husumer road to Weiche at around 18:45. For reasons that are still unclear, some vehicles collided while driving.

A driver was therefore thrown into the oncoming track, where he collided head-on with an approaching Opel. Another HotRod must have been destroyed. Witnesses of the accident immediately warned the rescue service and the fire brigade.

The ambulance, however, could only determine the death of the man. However, the other HotRods driver & # 39; s and the Opel driver were unharmed. Whether a driving error or a failed overtaking maneuver is the cause of the memorable accident is now an engineer to be reconstructed.

For the duration of the rescue work, the Husumer Straße was closed for a few hours. The research continues.

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