Hamburg: surprise in the CDU: Aygül Özkan to become a civilian candidate

The speculation is over, the CDU of Hamburg has set itself: Aygül Özkan must lead the Christian Democrats in the election campaign of the city, the first mayor of Hamburg in 2020. A personal attack of fate could prevent that .

For weeks, Aygül Özkan has been the first choice of her party. The bank manager comes from Hamburg, grew up here and was also a citizen. And she has experience with the government, was Minister of Social Affairs in Lower Saxony.

"It was clear quite soon after the 2015 state elections that we needed someone who could present Hamburg well in its complexity and openness, rooted in the economy and the necessary government responsibility", says country director Roland Heintze of CDU .

The desired candidate is therefore Özkan – but there is a problem. "However, in the last few days it has changed a bit drastically," Heintze said. On Thursday it was announced that Özkan is seriously ill. However, the CDU did not want to reveal what the disease was.

The party wants to hold on to your candidate. "We do something that would otherwise seem impossible in hectic politics, we breathe and take the time Aygül Özkan needs," says CDU party leader André Trepoll.

Aygül Özkan herself says she was quickly convinced that a successful team could form together to give the CDU and Hamburg a boost. "Hamburg is my home and has given me the opportunity to make a successful career in politics and business," she says.

"Unfortunately, for personal reasons, I can not accept this big challenge to be Hamburg's first mayor", says Özkan. Please ask for your understanding.

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Mike Schlink

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