Hamburg-Wandsbek: 500 kilos of bomb found on the site – evacuation is on its way!

Wandsbek –

On Wednesday afternoon during the construction work on the Brauhausstieg a bomb of 500 kilograms from the Second World War was found. The fire department then closed the area and the evacuation began.

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A patrol car on the site at Brauhausstieg in Wandsbek.

At this moment the specialists of the ordnance clearance service are on site and discuss the procedure. The place is in the vicinity of the "Wandsbek Quarree". By 19 hours then with defusing the bomb to start.

The Sperradius is 300 meters away. This means that in the densely populated area at least 1000 people have to be evacuated, a huge effort.


The air bomb was found at this building site.

As a result of the measures, there will probably be long traffic jams around the Quarree, and the Wandsbek Markt and Wandsbeker Chaussee stations will probably also be affected.

Up to now, metro operations and bus traffic have not been affected, the elevated train said at 16:20. In the course of the evening, however, it was still possible to find limitations, there was a press release.

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