Hans-Georg Maaßen – doubtful exchange of mail

A horse trade to ward off damage

It is clear that a resignation of Hans-Georg Maassens would have severely damaged both the chancellor and the Minister of the Interior without the now-found horse trading. Merkel would, more than that already, have the impression of getting rid of an obnoxious critic, who is known to hold their migration policy for a safety risk of the first degree. Again, Horst Seehofer would have stood as a grandmaster of incessant announcements, like a toothless tiger. And that also two and a half weeks before the state elections in Bavaria. After all, this disaster can be prevented. That the citizens of this country, of course, see through such Rochades and will hardly feel like a confidence-building measure for the institutions of our constitutional state, does not weigh so easily. It is known that political climbers end up at the professional yard for the personnel involved. But this is not about Postengeschachere, but about the internal security of the Federal Republic.

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