Haseloff warns of cooperation with the Linkspartei or AfD

Premier Haseloff of Saxony warns his CDU for cooperation with both the Left and the AfD.

If one wanted to remain a popular party, one should not fall into arbitrariness and – quotation – "go to bed with everyone", Haseloff said the newspaper "Die Welt". So he had not concluded from the success of the AFD in the state election, to enter into negotiations with this party. On the contrary, he wanted to win back their voters. With regard to links, Haseloff emphasized that the system change was still on the agenda there. The Union had completely opposite political, social and economic concepts.

At the same time, the CDU politician demanded more effort in the culture of memory and remembrance of the injustice of the SED dictatorship. Many younger people today do not have the knowledge of the inhumanity and recklessness of the GDR regime in daily life, which he himself has experienced.

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