Hate Demo Against YouTuber – Police speaks 300 references

In the calls on the net, among other things, a "battle of epic proportions" was announced, a user even encouraged others to kill the YouTuber.

Emskirchen. Despite a ban on assembly, hundreds of people have become a hate demo against the maker "DragonLord1510" in Franken Emskirchen come. The police said 300 referrals took place, a spokesman said on Tuesday, a day after the incident. A policeman was spit and insulted, and some participants threw Böller, so the fire brigade had to clear a small pasture. In addition, there was graffiti in a bus shelter. In the course of Monday between 600 and 800 mostly younger people would have stayed in the 50-inhabitant place. The police were in action with a few dozen officers.

In social networks, anonymous users had usually called on Monday for the event against the creator. There have been many quarrels between the man and his critics for many years. The man publishes videos about his life under the username "DrachenLord1510" and evokes extreme views – he once described the Holocaust as a "nice thing". His critics insult him and joke about his appearance, his weight and his views, among other things. There were already crimes – stones were thrown through windows of the house in which the man lives, he was threatened and wounded.

In 2016, the court was convicted Nuremberg a then 24-year-old in the case to a prison sentence of several years. In addition to numerous other crimes, he had instituted a false emergency call and activated a large police and fire brigade on the YouTuber. "Dragon Lord 1510" again challenged his opponents in one of his videos: "Dare, come to me", he wanted to clarify the matter face to face. He also gave his full address.

The district office Neustadt in the Aisch-bath Windheim had a ban on meeting for the city last week because the agency feared offenses. In the calls on the net, an "epic battle" was announced, a user even encouraged others to kill the YouTuber.

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