Hermannplatz in Neukölln: refugee doll is hanging on a crane

On a building crane in Neukölln, unknown persons have hung up a doll and a poster. A passerby had called the emergency call on Sunday morning at 8.40 am because he saw a human figure hanging 25 meters above Hermannplatz. Firefighters cut the doll of the galgo rope, which then fell on the road from the arm of the crane. The banner has been removed from the job.

Refugee dpa

The mannequin was taken away by the police.

The police suspect a politically motivated act, because on the poster stood "humanity" (humanity). Because the black mannequin wore a life jacket, the police assumed that the act could have something to do with the situation of the refugees on the Mediterranean. Around 8 o'clock a witness wants to see a man who confirmed the doll to the crane. State security has taken over the investigation and started a criminal case for the forbidden area. (LEX)

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