Hornets attack the retired group

Hornets are actually considered to be peaceful animals. Nevertheless, a group of tramps has now been the victim of a violent hornet attack.

Hornets attacked a retired group on a walking path in Schnakenbek on the Elbe. It was eight people injured on Sunday evening, as the police said. The pensioners were stabbed several times by the hornets. One of them came to the hospital after a emergency doctor had examined him in an emergency.

Because the group was on a hiking trail on the Elbe in Schleswig-Holstein on the border with Lower Saxony, the rescue proved to be difficult. So the firefighters had to come by boat to transport the pensioners. The access to the horn of the hornet had been closed for several days, according to the police. The radio station "Radio Schleswig-Holstein" had reported on the incident for the first time.

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