Hot air balloon with six prisoners hanging on power pole

Drama at a height of 65 meters: at Bottrop a hot-air balloon with six people on board is caught in a high-voltage line. The effort for the rescuers is extremely complicated.

In Bottrop a hot air balloon has fallen into a power line. In the basket of the balloon, which was dangling at the head of a power pole, six people sat, said a spokesman for the police. After the initial findings, the prisoners were unharmed, the fire brigade could call them. Three prisoners were safely brought to the ground late in the evening, as the Bottrop fire brigade announced on Twitter.

Already in the twilight the lifeguards from the fire brigade had climbed to the hive, which had been hanging in the lines at about 65 meters. The rescue workers first secured the basket so that he could not keep crashing, said a fire service spokesman. Then the troops began to gradually rescue the prisoners.

The affected Essener Straße is closed for the duration of the mission in both directions, the fire department said via Twitter. The Bottrop-Zuid exit of the A42 was not passable. As the German course informed, it also came to the accident with considerable problems with the rail replacement traffic of the S9 between Essen and Bottrop.

Only in June did an accident happen with a hot air balloon in the Münsterland. The crash in one field wounded six people, three of whom were seriously injured.

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