In 2018 there were fewer crimes against Muslims TIME ONLINE

Germany has less in the first six months of this year
Crimes against Muslims given as in the same period last year. That goes from one
Reaction from the Federal Ministry of the Interior on a request from the leftist Bundestag group
out. So in total 320 Islamophobic crime registered. This is considerably less than in the first half of 2017, when it was just under 500. However, more people were injured in the attacks this year: from January to June there were 25 wounded in the same period
Last year 18.

For almost all crimes motivated by Muslims
it is assumed that the perpetrators are right-wing extremists. These were Nazi graffiti, threatening letters, insults, material damage and sedition.

A look at the data also shows that the trend has been downwards since the beginning of the year. Although there were 196 such transactions in the first quarter of 2018, 124 were registered in the second quarter. Among them were eight attacks on mosques.

spokeswoman for the left-wing group Ulla Jelpke was satisfied
these crimes of this kind, however, go back, but warned: "It is missing
as before, a general solidarity with Muslims
Fellow citizens. Who Muslims
further explained strangers, stirs up only reservations, which eventually also
such offenses ".

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