Incidents in Chemnitz: Seehofer offers the Saxony police support to the federal government

  • Deadly argument on city festival
  • On Sunday it was in Chemnitz on the edge of a city festival to spontaneous demonstrations
  • The demonstrators would have been "violent rights"
  • Video & # 39; s on social media showed attacks on migrants
  • FOCUS online reporter Sebastian Lang is on the ground in Chemnitz

00:54: After the riots in Chemnitz, the federal minister of internal affairs, Horst Seehofer (CSU), Saxony, offered the police support to the federal government. "The police in Saxony are in a difficult situation," said Seehofer Tuesday in Berlin. "At the request of the federal government this is available with measures to support the police."

00:44: The weather is calm in the center of Chemnitz. At the Marx monument, where two opponents and enemies stood yesterday, there are now a few young people staring at their mobile phones. Internally, the Chemnitzer are angry. Lisa, pushing a pram through the pedestrian zone, says: "You look into the faces and wonder who was there yesterday." As a new chemistry she was afraid of the events of the past few days.

Other passers-by condemn the violence, but also call on politicians to act more consistently about the asylum problem. Crime of people with a migrant background is a pervasive subject here, which is a controversial topic. In all times. Sascha, in his mid-twenties, demands: "We have to let the police do its work We should not be overwhelmed by feelings – even on Twitter and Facebook We can not just stamp everyone, now it might have been two refugees." But there are also many Germans who do something like that, you have to differentiate here. "

And for many very important: there should be no further escalations. Dietmar, who cruises through the streets, says: "Violence is not a solution!" That does not bring any further. A young Syrian who fled Damascus to Germany in 2015 says, "I know what the Germans are thinking now, but I'm not afraid, I work here and just want to be accepted, not all foreigners are bad." next rallies planned in Chemnitz.

Neo-Nazi's want to demonstrate at 15.00 in Dresden

00:25: A large demonstration organized by neo-nazi's will take place at 3 pm for the Saxon state parliament. Applicants should come from the "right-wing spectrum" as the police confirmed FOCUS Online confirmed. The officials will be strongly represented on the spot, it was said. How big the demo will be, but is not clear at the moment.

Competence: suspects of Chemnitz did not act out of self-defense

11:59: In the case of the man killed by stab wounds in Chemnitz, the prosecution has ruled out an act of the suspects for self-protection. "According to current knowledge, there was no self-defense situation for the two perpetrators," said a spokeswoman Tuesday in writing. Details of the incident, in which two other Germans were partially injured, the prosecutor has not announced.

Speculation that the victim should have had Cuban roots, the public prosecutor could not confirm this. The victim was born in Karl-Marx-Stadt – today Chemnitz – informed the law enforcement agency. "Whether or not he has Cuban roots, I do not know," said a spokeswoman.

ten preliminary investigation for showing Hitler's greeting in Chemnitz

10:48: MeIn connection with the right-wing extremist march in Chemnitz on Monday evening, the police have so far taken ten preparatory steps to show the Hitler salute. The investigation is based on the use of license plates of unconstitutional organizations, the police said Tuesday. Several demonstrators have found their personal data on the spot.

All in all, there were thousands of right-wing and left-wing protesters on the street in Chemnitz on Monday evening. It also came to clashes, it flew among other things fireworks and bottles. According to the information, six people were injured.

A police spokesman acknowledged that the police had not counted on this number of demonstrators. The Chief of Police, Sonja Penzel, had previously assured that "sufficient forces had been requested" and that someone was "well prepared" for the operational situation. The police wants to comment on the events during the day.

Green people criticize the silence of Seehofer after riots

10:44: After the riots in Chemnitz, the federal minister of the Interior, Horst Seehofer, made sharp criticism. "The fact that Horst Seehofer excludes itself for the incidents in Chemnitz for days is scandalous," said internet specialist Konstantin von Notz of the Greens the news portal "t-online" on Tuesday. "The federal minister of home must ask himself whether the office is still the right one for him."

With his declaration of a "rule of injustice" in the refugee crisis itself, Seehofer had created the "legitimacy for a right-wing crowd", who believes that he himself should take the right, said von Notz. The deputy of the Green Bundestag called for a crackdown on the police. "The rule of law must prevail, with enough police on the ground, decisive action and strength," said von Notz. He also called for more support for initiatives against extreme right-wing violence.

On Monday, the SPD secretary general, Lars Klingbeil, asked Seehofer to comment on the riots in Chemnitz. "I absolutely believe that Horst Seehofer should speak as federal minister of the Interior about what is happening," Klingbeil said. "He can not take off his clothes."

SPD interior expert warns against setting up civil war-like conditions

Tuesday, August 28, 5:55 PM: After the xenophobic riots in Chemnitz, the SPD interior expert Burkhard Lischka warned of the danger of civil warlike circumstances. "There is a small right-wing crowd in our country that takes all the precautions and will take its violent fantasies of civil-warlike conditions on our streets," Lischka said the "Rheinische Post" (Tuesday edition).

On Sunday there were riots and right-wing humor in Chemnitz, after a 35-year-old German was killed during a city festival. Suspects are a Syrian and an Iraqi. On Monday evening, six people were injured in skirmishes of right-wing and left-wing demonstrators in the Saxon city.

In the video: expert criticized after police and politics of Chemnitz-Mob

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