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Right-wing extremism – wounded at demonstrations in Chemnitz
In Chemnitz there are parallel demonstrations of groups left and right. In collisions, according to the police, there are several injured.

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A day after the attacks on foreigners in Chemnitz, right-wing demonstrators gathered in the city again. They came in sight and hearing distance to about 1000 counter-demonstrators in the Karl-Marx-Monument and then went through the city center. According to estimates of the MDR participated in the demonstration of the right-wing citizen movement Pro Chemnitz about 5000 people participated. The right-wing scene was mobilized nationwide. The police did not mention numbers.

Right-wing extremists repeatedly broke through the police to attack counter-demonstrators and journalists. It flew with bottles and other items. Fireworks were exploded by both far-right and counter-demonstrators. The police opened water cannons to separate the two groups.
Right-wing extremists chanted "Here the national resistance rules", "Foreigners" and "We are the people".

There were at least two wounded, the police said. However, this number may increase.

The police warned the demonstrators against the violence during the march. She has noticed that different people are "picking up stones" in the area of ​​the City Hall Park, the police blew SaxonyIn addition, more than 100 people had masked. "To these people:" Their actions are filmed, disarm and cover the objects, "the police said.The meeting Pro Chemnitz had stopped because of several muzzles, the violations were registered.

In social networks, observers distributed images of Hitler salute and threats against the press by right-wing demonstrators. The police had barely intervened because their team strength was too low. This was confirmed by the police themselves. A police spokesman said: "We were with too few officials." One counted on several hundred participants and prepared accordingly, but not with such a number of participants. "The mission was not without problems." Previously, police chief Sonja Penzel had assured that she had requested sufficient powers. The murderer is not allowed to take over the city.

Even after the end of the rally, the police came
"Individuals" from different camps together. The police
accompanied by his own account a larger group of people to the station.

ZEIT ONLINE, the spokesperson for the SPD for home affairs in the Saxon parliament, said: "The right wing wants to create the image, that is the population here – but these are right-wing radicals who can mobilize well." Right-wing organizations are well connected, we have already seen in Heidenau. "Now it's about activating the bourgeoisie, it seems like the right to an event had been waiting.

Counter demonstration wanted to draw

The demonstration had previously demonstrated peacefully against extreme right-wing violence. "The hunting scenes on people who look like foreigners scare us and we want to show that Chemnitz has a different face: cosmopolitan and against xenophobia", said Tim Detzner, chairman of Chemnitz, at the demonstration for the Stadthalle.

Only a few meters away was a 35-year-old stabbed and died on early Sunday morning. Two suspects from Syria and Iraq are now issued arrest warrants for joint manslaughter.

On Sunday afternoon, after a summons of a right Ultragruppierung from the vicinity of the football region alligator Chemnitzer FC attracted 800 people, including a large number of rights, through the city of Chemnitz. On video & # 39; s you can see how migrants and police were attacked.

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