Investor threatened with lawsuit – dispute over Postscheckamt on Halle Shore escalated

For some time no progress has been made around the striking building of the old Postscheckamt at Hallescher Ufer. Investor and district have been hit hard in their hair. And no page wants to admit at the moment.

"Here red-red-green in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg prevents 623 apartments, 182 subsidized and 55 low-cost properties." The Berlin Senate is watching. "This cargo was recently decorated with the construction of the former Postscheckamt at Hallesches Ufer.

The unauthorized poster was hung up by the investor group around Christoph Gröner. He wants to convert Postbank's former office tower into apartments and also build offices and apartments on the surrounding site. But the procedure is on ice. The main culprit at the shutdown is Gröner, especially the competent Baustadtrat Friedrichshain Kreuzberg, Florian Schmidt (B & # 39; 90 / Green). "We can build here, but we do not do it because the procedures are hindered – for whatever reason – Mr. Schmidt follows his own strategy."

Gröner had bought the site five years ago and the planning started two years later. In 2016, 710 apartments were planned. 182 apartments must be promoted at low cost.

However, at the beginning of 2018 it was planned to. Only 623 apartments have to be made. 203 doctored. The reason at that time: the loud Hallesches Ufer apartments are unfavorable, in addition there was more need for commercial space.

With less pledged houses, however, the district stopped building permission: "At the beginning of January we found a unilateral change in the concept by the CG Group, which meant that we would eventually have 5,000 square meters less living space, which is unacceptable" Under these circumstances, the B- plan will not be continued, "Baustadrat Schmidt says.

But the investor insists on realignment and threatens compensation of one million dollars. "We have bought the land to make this a large, meaningful, ecological and decent area, and the district has made it clear that it does not want it." If the situation remains the same, we will rent out the company in the long term, which is profitable or separate us from the property, "explains Gröner.

The Baustadtrat is quiet and points to the approach of the investor: "Mr. Gröner threatens to threaten things, it has always been a million laps here and there, we are used to that," Schmidt shines off the big investor. "You can not deal with politics in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, we do not let ourselves be blackmailed, we activate building sites, where government bonds and cooperatives can be built, and we do not need the Christoph Gröner project."

The fronts are hardened, but now want to transfer the Senate department for urban development. An interview is scheduled for 24 September. Everyone has agreed.

Broadcast: Abendschau, 21.08.2018, 19.30

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