IS dolls sold to children: NRW & # 39; s problem with his 50 Salafist women

IS dolls sold to children: NRW & # 39; s problem with his 50 Salafist women

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These are photo & # 39; s that disturb. In Germany, Salafist-style puppets are distributed via Internet networks for the indoctrination of toddlers. The children's dolls are faceless, the men are full of bearded, the women completely veiled. According to research by the WDR, the manufacturer and distributor of dolls in Cologne.

The faceless dolls are distributed according to WDR information, partly under the name "Jundullah" (soldiers of God). The manufacturer writes on Facebook, the goal is "that our little lion and lionesses know the natural shame while playing".

"This is the breeding ground that leads to the isolation and rejection of Western values ​​and thus also to radicalization", according to the Ministry of the Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia. "Here is a danger to our democratic society." Tricky: Legally, there is no action against the distribution of dolls, according to the Interior Ministry. Not all of these products are extremist.

The puppeteer's case is only an expression of a much bigger problem – that of the IS women, who do their mischief not only in Cologne but everywhere in NRW. The constitutional protection of the NRW had already warned in June that radicalized mothers were returning from Salafist battlefields with their children. Even Salafist women who resided here were a growing danger – especially with regard to the children who raised them. How many salaphim powders in NRW are there and what makes them so dangerous? An overview.

The numbers

There are 10,800 salafists in Germany according to German constitutional protection, 3,000 of them live in North Rhine-Westphalia. 12 percent of them are women. Of the 255 Islamists who have left NRW for the jihadist war zones in Syria and Iraq, as many as 28 percent are women.

40 to 50 extremist salafist women are particularly critical in North Rhine-Westphalia through the protection of the constitution. They live in the estimated 100 Salafist families with children in NRW. The women are therefore both native Muslims of the second and third generation of migrants and converts. Among them are educated, but also well-educated women.

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What makes Salafist women so dangerous

The 40 to 50 women are considered "active networks", more and more networks in the real world, but also online. "These women share, among other things, in matters of a lifestyle adapted to their ideology," the report said. They offer services ranging from clothing stores to marriage mediation to – as we now know – IS dolls.

Especially dangerous: the women spread according to the instructions for the protection of the constitution for parenting and also offer lessons. So they already spread Salafist propaganda to toddlers. "They form a new generation of Salafism," says the Constitutional Protection Report.

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This is what the upbringing of children looks like by Salafist women

De Frauen acted as "ideology producers" and gave the children the ideas of the salafist scene, how the right life should look like. Say: you are brainwashing. This is how a new generation should grow up, trained in fights like "young lions" or "slaughterers of tomorrow" and indoctrinated accordingly, "warn the authorities.

In which the women teach the children among other things: combat training, delivery of war toys, religious education and rejection of children's songs. In addition, the children should view photos and video's that are used by peers as soldiers or trained in combat. Terrible: even video's on which other children execute prisoners, the children have to watch it. All this serves the bluntness and the propaganda. According to the authorities, the women also provide other women with video and video material for parenthood & # 39 ;.

What else do Salafist women do?

Salafist women are mainly occupied with domestic tasks. During organized meetings in private rooms and even in mosques they try to recruit other women according to the authorities. To support them, they use social networks and courier services. "Here they play a crucial role in spreading Salafist propaganda, which has often been underestimated until now," acknowledges the constitutional protection of NRW.

The women collect donations and also offer online lessons on Quran studies, Arabic studies or religious training for other women. They also translate religious and propaganda texts into German. In general, both returnees from the war zones and Salafist women who stayed here were "increasingly violent and violent," observes the protection of the constitution.

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The protection of the constitution is afraid of new generations of Salafists who are deeply rooted in ideology

Burkhard Freier, head of the NRW constitution protection, told the WDR: "We see a conscious strategy of Salafists, because children are easily influenced." IS-dolls can look harmless, but are a first indication for the separation of our society. This is especially dangerous for babies. Freier fears a new generation of Salafists "who are more ideologically rooted than those who become Salafists at the age of fourteen or fifteen".

This shows the general social challenge of dealing with a "second generation Salafists", who were not radicalized in the course of their puberty or as a young adult to act, is stated in the NRW constitutional protection report.

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