Just everything wrong: Bundeswehr embarrassed about the Gamescom to the bone (commentary)

The Bundeswehr itself puts the connections in perspective by pointing out that it is mainly looking for "IT-skilful, young people" who could study at the federal level and at some point could join the domestic intelligence service. But why does it need this clear war / gunman connection?

Last year organizer Nils Feldhoff of the Federal Armed Forces & # 39; said in an interview that & # 39; we try to make a clear distinction between first-person shooters and the Bundeswehr & # 39 ;. Moreover, the Bundeswehr is indeed in the "family and leisure space, in which it is very unlikely that even providers of war games are represented."

So why was the context initially nullified – and then restored by the addressee, much criticized posters?

Eben Feldhoff speaks in an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung of this year the posters as an invitation to talk about it & # 39; to understand.

Or a teenager who walks around stand by at Gamescom and at the same time reads the posters, also understands that this connection is more than doubtful.

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